Granite weighs alot. How much our granite countertops weigh is answered here.

How do you package the granite?

The granite is placed on a wooden pallet and then that pallet is completely encased in plywood. The corners are built out of 2×4 lumber. Inside the crate the granite is stacked vertically (the best way for transport) and if needed supported by extra 2x4s. If there are loose gaps that allow the granite to move around, we fill them with either foam paper or styrofoam. The top is usually left somewhat open so that you can look inside the crate without completely opening it.

how to ship granite

How do I know when the shipment will arrive?

The freight carrier will call you and setup an appointment. Most carriers will ask for a 2 hour window during a weekday. We usually provide customers with a tracking number as well.

How do I unload the shipment?

The top of the crate is usually help on by 4 screws so you can quickly open the crate. From there most folks will unload the granite by hand. Although it may seem cumbersome, keep in mind it’s half as much work as buying from a local store because there you’d have to load into your car then unload at home. If lifting granite doesn’t appeal to the athlete in you, we can request for the delivery truck to have a liftgate. However most freight carriers charge an extra $50-80 for a liftgate.

What if some tiles are broken?

Due to the nature of the product and the mode of transportation, sometimes a couple chipped / broken tiles are unavoidable. Getting loaded from truck to truck, vibrating, and shifting for 1000 miles can result in some chipped tiles regardless of much effort we put into packaging the granite for you. If you receive some chipped tiles, keep in mind that you’re probably going to be cutting several tiles. You can set those aside and cut off the broken portion so that it won’t affect your usage at all.

If you want to open a claim with the freight carrier for compensation you must mark damage on the delivery receipt. While you’re unloading the granite, it’s easy to spot any damage. Most folks find that it usually isn’t worth the bureaucracy of opening a freight claim for 2-3 tiles. Regardless, we’re happy to help you in the process.

What if I am completely satisfied?

Don’t hesitate to tell your friends and neighbors. It’s most important to remain calm.