Perfect Granite Seam

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All granite countertops, slab or lazy tile will have seams. The question is how many. A lot of our customers ask us how visible are the seams? The answer is – it depends on the installer and the color of the stone.

Stone Color – Some wild colors like red stream will always clearly show where one piece starts and ends because of it’s wild variation. Absolute black on the other side of the spectrum where the stone color is completely uniform. But it’s difficult to hide those seams because your filler (epoxy, grout, silicone) will interrupt the uniformity.

The ideal color is something like mint brown granite where it has a consistent granular character. That way you emulate the granular character with a coloring tool like a permanent marker. We show you how to do that in this video –

Installer – two things depend on the installer: lippage and seam width. Lippage is when two surfaces are not flush so you have a little step. There are a lot of tools that help installers completely eliminate lippage, but no substitute for experience. When it comes to thickness, that depends on the accuracy of the cuts.

I’d like to show you what I think is the perfect seam. You can see it because it’s on a black granite countertop but it’s done immaculately. You have to look for it to see it.


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