Learn the History of Lazy Granite:

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Learn about the History of Lazy Granite:

Have you ever watched a video and totally forgot what you watched? Follow along and answer the questions below the video. Answering the questions will help you understand the awesome features that have helped the lazy granite system save people a bunch of money.


1. Has granite always been a common counter material?
2. Will a hot pan burn granite?
3. From the stand point of luxury, would you rather cook spaghetti on granite or formica?
4. Is granite easy to scratch?
5. Why have granite prices become more expensive?
6. What’s more expensive, a slab counter or granite tile counter?
7. How many stone options do slab companies offer customers?
8. What types of edging options do slab companies’ offers?
9. What’s the cost difference between granite tile and a granite slab?
10. Which project will be completed first, a 12×12 tile counter that one installs on his own time, or a slab counter that needs to be scheduled weeks in advance with a slab distributer?
11. How long does a first time 12×12 tile project take?
12. List the downside of 12×12 tiles.
13. Is the tile portion of our bullnose edging deeper than our competitors?
14. Is the tile portion of our competitor’s bullnose edging deeper than our edging?
15. Why did we offer a rounded edge corner?
16. How many edge options are offered on the power point slide?
17. Which edge options we offer with Lazy Granite?
18. Which edge option do we offer for our ogee backsplash?
19. Is stone we use with lazy granite synthetic granite?
20. Is the stone we us with lazy granite man made?
21. Is the stone we us with lazy granite a composite?
22. How natural is the stone we use with lazy granite?
23. List why marble is a less ideal kitchen counter surface?
24. Why wouldn’t I want to cook spaghetti on a travertine kitchen counter?
25. Are quartz countertops natural?
26. Explain how quartz comes to be?
27. Is quartz, cost effective, middle of the road in terms of price, or really expensive?
28. Is quartz easy to fabricate?
29. What would make quartz an ideal kitchen counter surface?
30. What are a few brands offer quartz
31. Why don’t we offer quartz?
32. What is Formica?
33. Which will burn, granite or Formica?
34. Which is a more common alternative to stone, Formica or quartz?
35. Why would Formica manufactures try and imitate stone?
36. Can you install lazy granite over a Formica top?
37. What thickness cement board works with lazy granite?
38. What thickness plywood works with lazy granite.
39. Why is cement board important?
40. Explain the difference between hardibacker, cementboard, wonderboard, and concrete board?
41. What are the advantages of mortar compared to tile mats?
42. What are the advantages of tile mats over mortar?
43. What is the recommended method for adhering tiles to the subsurface? – (subsurface; is a term you can use for the surface under the granite, in this case the subsurface is backerboard and plywood)?
44. Should you use sanded or none sanded grout?
45. What are the advantages of using silicone for seams?
46. What are the disadvantages of using silicone for seams?
47. Are epoxy seams an option for every customer?
48. Are grout seams and option for every customer?
49. What is the recommended method for filling the seams?
50. What are the three types of kitchen sinks?
51. What is the visual and cost difference between the apron style and under/topmount sinks?
52. Are faucet holes drilled in topmount sinks?
53. Are faucet holes drilled in undermount sinks?
54. What type of sink is provided with the lazy granite sink kit?
55. What is the practical advantage of an undermount sink has over a topmount sink?
56. Can granite stain if it isn’t sealed?
57. Is sealer hard to apply?
58. If my stone is sealed, am I safe if my drunken friend spills wine on it?
59. If my stone is sealed, am I safe if my drunken friend spills lime juice on it?
60. Why should customers buy extra pieces?
61. If my tile is broken, is it totally ruined?
62. How can I salvage my tile if it is broken?

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    really nice thought about granites.its an verification while choosing the granites .we should buy the granites with satisfaction.i felt very good about granites after reading this article.thanks for sharing.

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    Is this a granite composite? What is it made of?

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      It’s natural granite

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