Lazy Granite Now Accepting Bitcoin

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I’m super excited to announce that now accepts bitcoin. Long term this will help us keep prices low by avoiding merchant fees and fraud. I’m proud that we can support this global movement as a merchant.

If you’re wondering what is bitcoin, some folks at Wells Fargo wrote the best explanation I’ve found.


Big thanks to coinbase for creating the payment extension for Magento!

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  1. David
    | Reply

    Thanks for accepting Bitcoin! We’re redoing our kitchen ourselves in the next year and will probably purchase our countertops from you.

  2. David
    | Reply

    Thanks for expanding your payment options! My wife and I will be redoing our kitchen in the next year and will probably choose you for our new countertops.

  3. Leroy Brown
    | Reply

    Well guess what, we carry cabinets to go with these countertops of course its great if you pay in bitcoin.

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