How to Get Stains Out of Granite Countertops

How to Get Stains Out of Granite Countertops

 Is your granite countertop stained? Working for a granite company, I am frequently asked this question. The truth is some stains can be removed while others can’t. The good news is, there is a process called poultice that in most cases can remove most organic residue, ink marks, oil stains, mold and bacterial residue, as well as some mineral deposits. So don’t fret the next time your friend spills a glass of wine ruining your granite countertop. Most likely, the stain can be removed with poultice. Below is a good video I came across youtube while searching for how to remove stains from granite.

Keep in mind, protecting your counter is a lot easier than restoring a marred counter. After any natural stone installation you need to seal your stone with a stone sealer. You can purchase stone sealers at any Home Depot or Lowes. We sell a brand called Stone Care International with our Lazy Granite system. Also, even after you’ve sealed your natural stone countertop some chemicals can still mark the stone. Absolute black counters are notorious for being marred by limes even after sealing. The citric acid in limes can leave marks, even if sealed, on an absolute black counter if the lime juice is left on the stone for an extended amount of time. Other stones like deep blue pearl and uba tube arent affected by limes like absolute black, so the main things to keep in mind after you’ve installed your natural stone counter is:

  1. 1. Seal your stone!
  2. 2. If you have Absolute Black, beware of citric acid! Watch out for that margarita!
  3. 3. Clean messes sooner than later!
  4. 4. Most stains can be removed with poultice.


Don’t let an accident like this ruin your marble countertop!

Cleaning Granite Countertops

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    Is it really a requirement to seal granite countertops? What happen if one forgets to seal? How often should sealing be done?

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