We’re going to start carrying Granite tools

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We’ve had a long standing internal struggle of whether or not to carry tools in our store. The upside is two fold:
1. We give our granite customers convenience
2. We make some profits on things besides granite

The list of downsides is longer
1. We have to provide customer service for tools
2. We risk tarnishing our name if the tools suck
3. They can distract us from our core (granite tile)
4. We have to invest lots of capital into carrying tools in stock

Well I’m pleased to announce that this week the argument for has beaten the argument against. What tipped the scales of justice to carry granite tools? Two things:
1. Our customers are having too hard of a time buying the right saw at an affordable price
2. In the last couple of years new technology (lippage preventing spacers) has come out that makes tiling MUCH easier. The problem is that the lippage preventing spacers are sold in outlets usually not available to consumers / DIYers. Also the’re packaged in bulk for contractors to use across multiple jobs. It’s not feasible to have a DIYer spend $500 on 3000 spacer sets.

Soon you’ll see QEP brand tool kits on our website so you can get everything you need in one place!

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