Granite Shipping – A Little Humor

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Freight carriers have their workers load and unload their trucks (our granite) as fast as possible. That means the workers are careless with the pallets as they ram them with forklifts or pallet jacks. How do we inform that our granite is fragile and they should ram our pallets not quite as hard as they ram the other pallets?

The natural answer is fragile stickers. That answer is wrong because it turns out everyone is putting fragile stickers on everything. These days a box containing pillows says fragile on the side.

So we’ve crafted a new solution – JOKES. Maybe if our signs make them chuckle they will pay slightly closer attention and see that our shipments are fragile. Is handling our granite countertops with white gloves to much to ask for? I just put out some stenciles for production that say things like –
Dispose of crate by karate chop
Beautiful countertop inside

The stenciles are giant and will be spray painted red. Regardless we package our stuff so well, we’ve almost eliminated shipping damage to the stone. Our crates take the brunt of it.

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