Our Google Ranking for Granite Countertops

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About two months ago we experienced a strong drop in traffic to all of our websites. Upon closer examination I saw that the drop in traffic resulted entirely from google’s referrals. For Lazy Granite I dug a little deeper and attributed the loss in traffic primarily to the keyword ‘Granite countertops’.

Granite Countertops key phrase actually brought us a lot of traffic. Since then I’ve implemented some strategies to rank better but it will take quite a bit of time for that to come in play.

Overall though this experience reinforced the dependency is many companies have on Google. Google can make or break your business. As Microsoft put’s it, we got Scroogled. But that’s alright, these kinds of things force us to see the weaknesses in our marketing and make improvements.

We’ve made it a company goal to rank top 3 for ‘Granite Countertops’ in within the next year. What did you search online to find Lazy Granite?

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