Choosing a Granite Stone Color for your Kitchen Countertop

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We understand that choosing the right granite stone color for your countertop is a big decision for a homeowner remodeling their Kitchen.  Don’t stress, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks about granite selection to guide you through it.

Granite countertop - contrast cabinets

Things to keep in mind:

This is your kitchen, go with what you like. We find that many of our customers go with the stone they liked best initially, so you can really save yourself some time and headaches if you go this route.

Granite is a natural stone. Selecting a granite countertop is a bit harder becuase you are dealing with natural stones. Unlike a manufactured stones, Granite is a natural material and has normal variations from slab to slab.  These variations that make Granite such a popular choice for a unique statement in a kitchen, are the same reasons that can also make the granite selection process a bit overwhelming.

We recommend a sample:
We understand that purchasing your granite online poses some issues in that you can’t exactly bring your cabinets into our store to compare. If it’s important to you to see the stone in your kitchen to see how it reflects the light and goes with your cabinets, flooring and paint, just order a sample or 2. We ship them out quickly, you will get them in a couple of days.  Just don’t order too many because you will only make the decision harder on yourself.

samples of granite stones

Check out the gallery
We provide descriptions of the stones and pictures of other customer’s remodels to give you a better idea what the stones will look like when they are delivered to your home.

The cost of the granite can also impact your choice.  We put together some notes and pricing per square foot estimates for our lazy tiles as well as larger images of the stones here.

Granite Color Selection Tips:
1. Evaluate the lighting in your kitchen: Does your kitchen get a lot of natural light or is it darker? Are you cabinets darker as well?

– Darker stones will shine with a lot of natural light

– Darker colors make things feel smaller, so if you already have a dark cabinet, go with something light.

2. Balance is your friend in Kitchen remodeling

– Dark with light- light cabinets can go well with light or dark granite countertops, but we recommend a lighter countertop if you have a darker cabinet.

– Simple with complex- if you have a simple flooring and cabinet, make a statement with granite hat has a lot of veining or movement or even just a bolder color.

3. Consider if your Kitchen will have Warm or Cool Tones

– Hues of gray and blue are popular choices for a clean and modern look. Consider the stone’s tone and try to match this with the other components of your kitchen.

– Warmer tones like browns, tans, cream will be warm and inviting. Warmer tone granite should go well with dark and natural wood cabinets and flooring

4. White and Black go with everything. When in doubt, these are a safe choice.

5. Just remember, the sooner you make a decision, the sooner you’ll have your new kitchen>> Get Started with the Online Gallery

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