What is a Bullnose?

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Everywhere you go looking for tile you hear the term ‘bullnose’ all the time.  What is a bullnose? Bullnose is a type of finish that is applied to the edges of tiles and stone slabs. It’s named bullnose because of its rounded edge. Tiles with a bullnose edge can come in any shape, size, and color but the one thing that remains consistent is having a rounded edge.


Edge Types

Bullnose edges come in 2 main styles; full bullnose and half bullnose.  Each edge type has its own specific uses.  A full bullnose edge (pictured below) is a completely rounded edge, and a half bullnose edge is only rounded on one surface.





Half bullnose tiles are often used at the top of a shower wall where the tile meets the plasterboard. This technique provides a smooth transition from the shower wall to the plasterboard. Half bullnose tiles can also be used for the top edge of a kitchen backsplash for the same reason as in a shower.

Full bullnose tiles are often used for kitchen countertops and islands.  They can also be used for outdoor counter areas and grill surrounds.  The full bullnose edges are mostly meant for areas that are not going against a wall, and provide a more durable and better looking edge.

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